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About us

MegaBuds.lu is a Germany-based online shop for cannabis products, primarily CBD buds. Our buds come exclusively from EU-licensed hemp plants. All products on MegaBuds.lu adhere to the strict regulations for the sale of cannabis in Luxemburg and can be sold and purchased 100% legally.

Due to the low THC content of less than 0.20%, our products are 100% legal. These do not have a psychogenic effect, so the state of intoxication that is common when consuming cannabis does not apply. All of our products also contain various amounts of CBD, which can have a calming, pain relieving, antipsychotic and anxiolytic effect. The values for CBD and THC in our products are guaranteed by our suppliers through independent analysis certificates.

The products offered on MegaBuds.lu are sold as raw materials for further processing. The products may only be used for commercial or scientific purposes, whereby misuse for intoxication purposes is excluded. Due to the large selection of buds and their diverse flavors and active ingredients, our products are ideally suited for the production of oils, ointments, cosmetics or processed into incense.

Our products are not suitable for consumption.

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